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Hello again! I hope you are doing great!

I know its been a while since my last post but the great new is that we were busy enough for me to not be able to get in front of the desk, relax and let go my mind writing something for you while a have a cup freshly ground coffee...
So I guess that is bad on one side because I haven't been here but great on the business side!
Hope you didn't miss me too much :)

I have been seeing too many rental cars in Los Cabos lately... Many of them are tourist that have been to Los Cabos many times and they know their way around so they do OK when they drive here. But I have also seen too many first timers driving around and oh boy they get into every crazy situation as the local driving manners, signs and side streets may be a little tricky sometimes and if you have been down here you know what I'm talking about...
I know accidents can happen every where and everyday, but when you drink and drive or if you are in a place you don't know at all, the risks increase significantly.

First timers to any place in the world hardly know the rules of the places they are going to and down here there is no exception, as you literally have to drive defensively all the time.
There shouldn't be any reason for any person to rent a car to save some bucks and risk their family when they drive in a place they don't know at all. You often see the tourist driving in the wrong direction of the street or on the main highway trying to turn around in the center divider of the road where there is a side road to turn around and that is just an accident waiting to happen.
And of course not to mention all the accidents that could have been avoided... too sad to tell but is true.
So please, please, pleaaasssse! do not RENT A CAR if you are a first timer to our beautiful town, don't risk your family and others for saving some bucks...

Just think about this for a second and you will say I'm right... When you come to Los Cabos you are trying to have a great time and forget about the things at home for a small period of time, that is also called VACATION! Also when you go to a restaurant for dinner maybe have a glass of wine or a couple of cold Cervezas or a great Margarita on the rocks... but guess what? You are driving back to your hotel because it seemed to be a great idea to rent a car so you can go every where and save few pesos. That is not a VACATION!!! You should call a taxi or better hire a company like us to take you back and forth to your hotel safely and that way you shouldn't worry about having a drink or 2 or more... who cares! you are on vacation and your family deserves to be safe too!

This is a picture of a guy that had just picked up his car at the airport and 5 minutes later he crashed against a street tall lamp at the airport... His vacation was over right after this happened... Please think about this twice before renting a car in a place you don't know at all, specially if you are thinking on having a great time and have few drinks while you are there... not to mention that DUI will void your insurance too.

Talk to you soon and please take care while you are on vacation!

Ubiel Villa.
Cabo Ground Services.


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